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Cyberpunk Generators & Other Tools

Cyberpunk Generators & Other Tools

Shadow of the Beanstalk Content

  • Session 0/Group Background Generator designed by Nashable
  • DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need
  • Cyberpunk Characters

    Cyberpunk Adventures & World

  • For a randomly generated mission look at cyberpunk jobs
  • Generate an entire modern city block in a residential, commercial, industrial or mixed zone.
  • Combine the above with a business name generator and some street names
  • Food is important too, so check out meals, pizzas or an exotic fusion food. Maybe a strange mixed drink will help things along.
  • To round out the world you will want strange fashions and fancy clothes
  • Mega Corporations

  • Outside the big four, looking for a smaller corp for your PCs to interact with then gen a brand name and a catchy corporate slogan
  • You can also choose from 100 cyberpunk corporations
  • Last its always useful to know the IT Department and have some corporate babble on hand
  • Tech and Gear

  • Generate custom cyberware, cybernetic implants or some artificial intelligence. Any of which could be infected by a computer virus or be attacked by a hacker
  • For vehicles you can have vehicles names or a short car description.
  • And there's even a generator for some random junk
  • Mechs and Robots

  • If your campaign heads out to Luna or Mars you may want more variety in robots or androids, start with robot names or mecha names
  • Then there is a list of mechs, some shorter descriptions or something a bit stranger
  • Martial Arts

  • For those looking for punches and kicks, try the Martial Arts generator, martial art description or martial arts moves
  • PDFs

    For pdfs here are a few options

  • Cyberpunk Adventure Generator
  • Augmented Reality, The Holistic City Kit For Cyberpunk Games
  • Augmented Reality PLUS
  • Espionage Mission Generator
  • Military Mission Generator
  • Area/Building and Room Generator
  • 300 Mundane Items and Objects
  • Big List of RPG Plots
  • The Downtown Dataheist
  • Miscellaneous

  • Cyberpunk character lifepath, Cyberpunk 2020 chargen or cyberpunk 2020 gens
  • Conspiracy theories or medicine names for when things go...bad.
  • Send me your recommendations

    Send any additional ideas for this list to admin [at] serversofthe [dot] net